Miami Public Relations Firm

What makes The Weinbach Group such a unique Miami public relations firm? Lots of firms produce creative, well-written publicity materials and obtain news coverage for clients. However, at our PR firm, the content and media hits are only part of the solution we deliver. To earn our reputation as one a top Miami public relations firm we apply a unique approach that starts with understanding our clients want two things most of all: measurable results and great service. With this in mind, we've set ourselves apart from every other Miami public relations firm by following a philosophy rooted in three principles.

  • "Market-needs" messaging. We create messages based on our client's target audience and what that audience cares about. Instead of focusing on features, we focus on benefits.
  • Client-centric service orientation. At this Miami public relations firm, our clients come first. That means we pay special attention to turnaround time, budgets, results we can demonstrate, and recognizing the specific circumstances and politics of our clients' organizations.
  • Integrity. To earn recognition and respect as a top Miami public relations firm we prioritize integrity. Over the course of our 30-year history, The Weinbach Group -- perhaps more than any other Miami public relations firm -- has earned a reputation for applying a principled approach to the public relations and communications services we provide. We do so because it's in our nature, and as a Miami public relations firm, we do so because it's good business. Further, we believe "integrity" is one of the most important factors that has led to clients sticking with our Miami public relations firm for, on average, nearly a decade!

Miami PR Firm

Yes, we're a Miami public relations firm, but we're more than that. The Weinbach Group is a full-service marketing communications firm, and we apply an integrated, customized approach that includes public relations, event marketing, direct mail, email marketing, collateral development, and advertising. We began more than 25 years ago as a Miami public relations firm and expanded services to become the full-service agency we are today.

We've been recognized among Miami public relations firms for our superior work and won numerous awards. In the specialty of healthcare marketing, no other Miami public relations firm has earned such a distinguished reputation.