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#GettingResultsOnline Our comprehensive digital marketing services give clients more ways to reach their audiences than ever before. And we have the tools and expertise to reach those audiences with the most precise targeting possible.
We treat digital marketing as part of a "greater whole." That means we use digital marketing tools usually in combination with conventional marketing to achieve consistent branding and to rapidly achieve our clients' desired goals...from lead gen, to online visibility, to social influence. Smart People, Smart Marketing So what makes us better at digital marketing than other agencies? For starters, we run our digital marketing programs with people, not robots; and we apply the same thoughtful principles to our digital marketing campaigns as we apply to conventional campaigns. Our team of digital marketing professionals has thorough knowledge of current and evolving technology and how to best leverage that technology to deliver clients' messages. They choose the right digital marketing approach to meet your specific circumstances. From location services and geo-targeting to behavioral dynamics, we put advanced technology to work to produce results. Excellent Writing Skills Required In addition to technological savvy, effective digital marketing requires masterful communications skills, and we've got that covered. Want to capture attention in 280 characters? Want to engage and connect with users? Want to convert website visitors into customers? Well, it starts with powerful, compelling writing tailored to specific digital marketing media. And that's what we do. More Targeting. Less Waste. The most attractive thing about digital marketing is our unprecedented ability to target audiences with specific messages. As a consumer, we've all seen companies target their digital ads based on our shopping behavior. (Yes, it's kind of creepy to see the same pair of shoes you looked at every time you go in the internet!) That's because targeting or retargeting works. And at The Weinbach Group, we use these and other targeting methods to reach your future clients and customers. Today, not only can we target ads to people who visited your website, but we can target ads to people who visited your competitors' websites. In addition, we can serve ads on social media platforms to your existing customers, to a list of prospective customers, or even to people who "look like" your customers. So why waste your marketing dollars when you can be laser-focused with every penny you invest. Contact us to learn more about The Weinbach Group's digital marketing expertise.
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Digital marketing changes fast, so our digital marketing services are constantly expanding and evolving to keep pace with technology and to keep pace with our clients' needs. What's on the menu for today? Take a look:
  • Paid search advertising, i.e. pay-per-click
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Banner advertising
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Website development
  • Behavioral, demographic, and geo-targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Custom audience creation
  • Analytics and conversion rate optimization
  • Video pre-roll
  • Influencer marketing
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