Case Studies

Introducing A Powerful Prescription Drug To A Pediatric Market

Xepi Topical Antibiotic

Cutanea Life Sciences, a U.S.-based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the dermatology sector, purchased the U.S. rights to Xepi™ (ozenoxacin) Cream, 1% from the Spanish drug maker, Ferrer.

Xepi is a topical antibiotic cream that, unlike its competition, is effective on several strains of bacteria, including tough-to-treat, antibiotic resistant bacteria, a.k.a. MRSA. The problem was Xepi was only FDA approved for the treatment of impetigo, a common skin disease that usually affects small children. So, even though Xepi was powerful enough to treat a wide array of skin diseases, Cutanea could only market the drug for its FDA-approved indication: impetigo.

In addition, Cutanea's sales team, who mostly called on dermatologists, would need to market Xepi to pediatricians, a market segment the company had never actively pursued.


Cutanea recognized it needed a healthcare marketing firm with far-reaching expertise beyond the traditional contours of pharmaceutical advertising, so the company hired The Weinbach Group as its agency of record. We stepped in, and conducted a number or market research studies to precisely understand the various types of physicians to whom Xepi would need to appeal.

Armed with these findings, we developed a bold, attention-getting campaign that included the creation of an illustrated antibiotic-fighting superhero shaped like a tube of Xepi. In addition, the campaign included powerful and relevant imagery of children and focused on the benefits the drug offered to both patients and its prescribers. The campaign was an instant success.

50 In-depth
with healthcare
500 Unique
in the first six months
following launch
4,000 prescriptions
in the first six months
following launch