When NOT To Send An Email Blast

December 11, 2013

Whether you work in the advertising business or you're a stay-at-home entrepreneur, you may have wondered when is the best time to send out a promotional email to generate great results. At our Miami ad agency, we pay close a...

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Open Enrollment For Obamacare Is Here, But Where Are The Ads?

October 25, 2013

Whether you represent a Medicare Advantage Plan or not, if you work for a healthcare advertising agency, you're likely aware that the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period has begun. That's because insurance companies contracted ...

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Healthcare Marketing Firm Weighs In On Obamacare Advertising

October 03, 2013

For those who don't go to work every day at a healthcare advertising agency, you may not have noticed there's a booming new advertising category that's about to pour billions of dollars into media outlets' coffers. We're talk...

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Search Advertising Is The Yellow Pages Of The 21st Century

May 29, 2013

It wasn't so long ago that we used to "let our fingers do the walking." However, today, most of us rarely use a hard copy version of a telephone directory? By contrast, when was the last time you conducted a search on Google or some othe...

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Pay Per Click Advertising Is Not A Do-It-Yourself Process

March 04, 2013

In addition to our pay per click advertising business, our agency provides full service advertising and marketing communications programs to a wide range of clients, from large organizations of 10,000-plus employees to micro-businesses t...

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Search Engine Optimization Can't Replace Paid Online Advertising

July 24, 2012

I frequently speak to fellow business people who tell me that they don't use per click advertising because it's "too expensive." Instead, they focus 100% of their website marketing on search engine optimization because it's "free." I...

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